A Roller Coaster Proposal


When making a proposal, you have to have it all figured out. The place, the moment, the clothing, the music, everything. And if you want to put your proposal on the internet, you should definitely make it different. Sophisticated and original. Just like for example this guy, who proposed to his girlfriend in a roller coaster at Holiday World.

Luckily, he recorder it all and so you can see the reaction of the future bride in the video below. But let me warn you, she did get emotional. Although, not sure if it was the proposal or the roller coaster. Just kidding, enjoy the video!

This Is What Happens When A Magazine Puts Half Of A Person´s Face On The Cover


When magazine Enterpreneur put Taso Du Val on their cover, they did not know what effect it will have. Well, it is perhaps because they have only put half of his face on it. Just look at the cover.enhanced-buzz-17575-1443480740-6Now let´s talk about what happened after that. Along came a woman, who bought the magazine and made the funniest and the best photo of all which was posted on Tumblr by her sister with caption “best worst mom ever”. What was in the photo? Well, just scroll down to see it.  tumblr_nuvvpjxKkT1rrdrs9o1_500Yeah, that is right. It is kind of hilarious. It is totally hilarious! Best photo ever, don´t you think?

Halloween Costumes For Lazy People


Halloween is almost here and there seems to be no time for a preparation of a perfect costume. And perhaps you were imagining your DIY costume looking absolutely stunning, just like the cosplay costumes you see only in the pictures, let´s be clear, there is no time. But that does not mean you should not go to Halloween costume party!

You should, and you should probably choose one of these lazy costumes that require no skills, no effort, no work. And you can probably make them in like 5 minutes. So if you want to be a killer housewife or your favourite emoji, or perhaps One Direction, there costumes are just for you! 1172011_449970611778200_1488905299_n enhanced-30086-1442870307-8 enhanced-5794-1442864125-1

Do You Like Watching Sports?


Watching sports is a thing which is very popular among guys. Ain´t that right? Guys watch football, guys watch hockey, guys watch tennis, guys watch whatever that is on their favourite sports channel. It does not matter. It is as if sports were the best programme on the TV and there was nothing else worthy of watching. I mean, they even go out and watch sports in pubs!

However, what if you are a guy but you do not like watching sports? What are you supposed to do? Well, just watch this video to see what it is like when you do not like watching sports. Although, some of you probably know it. Anyway, enjoy!

Wedding Ideas For This Fall


If you have a wedding planned for this fall you should think about how to implement this season into your special day. You know, spring wedding is full of flowers, and bright colors, but fall wedding, what should not miss at a proper fall wedding? Well, let´s have a look at it.

1. A cozy sweater or a glittery jacket to cover your arms with when it gets cold.enhanced-12458-1443019603-8 enhanced-12837-1442952671-8

2. Leaves in your hair! You know, instead of the flowers that are used for spring and summer weddings.enhanced-22616-1442959627-5

3. Patterned tights with short dresses on your bridesmaids. That is right! That is just what we want to see!enhanced-23974-1442955109-5


Lots of candles and warm colors will also do the trick and help make your wedding look very stylish. So good luck! I bet that your fall wedding will be the most beautiful wedding of all.

Watching K-Pop For The First Time


At first, let me explain to those who do not know what K-Pop is. It is an abbreviation of Korean Pop a genre originating in South Korea. And in order to understand what Korean Pop really is about, you will have to see it with your own eyes. It is just too difficult to describe.

Anyway, just prepare for lots of everything. Colors, dancing, various genres and colors. It is simply insane.

And these guys are about to find out for the first time! And you can see their reactions in the video below. Do you think that they are going to be shocked?

This Actress Could Have Played Rachel On “Friends”


Can you imagine anyone else but Jennifer Aniston playing Rachel on Friends? Probably not. But the truth is, she was not the only person who auditioned for this role. For example Jane Krakowski whom you know from 30 Rock was the one who auditioned too. Jane admitted this on Emmys this Sunday, she also said that unfortunately she did not het very far at the audition.

Well what are your feelings about this? Do you think that Jane would make a better Rachel than Aniston did? Let us know your opinon! Because we are be curious what it would be like if Jane was Rachel. GettyImages-489415524-1442839653

After A Night Out


So you have just woken up after a wild night out and now, everything is coming back to you. Your memories are becoming clear and you realize all the various things you did the night before. And you realize how wrong they were. Now you see what you did not see the night before. The fact that drinking shots was not a good idea. And that wearing that dress was really not a good idea. Also, talking to random people on the toilets was not a good idea. And the selfies, were definitely the worst. Because even though you thought you did not look drunk. Now you see that you did. And probably the best surprise an be found in your mobile phone. Texting your ex was the worst thing to do. Ain´t that right?enhanced-1680-1442450083-1enhanced-22006-1442450406-1 edit-2739-1442448604-4 enhanced-8206-1442450118-1

Daughters With Tattoos


Being a daughter is difficult, if you know what I mean. Daughters are usually princesses and their parents often do not see them in a real way. And so when they do something bad and parents find out, it is not good.

And I bet that you know what I am talking about, right?

Well, let´s look at this eperiment. Daughters pranking their parents with tattoos. Of course the tattoos are not real, but that is what their parents do not know. Well, watch the video to see how it all went.

The Best Birthday Present


What is the best birthday present you have ever received? Well, is there any? I bet that some of you are still waiting for that best birthday present, but others may have already received such present. Just like this guy.

His wife wanted to surprise him on his birthday and so she decided to give him iWatch. Well, she actually gave him only a box of iWatch and in it, there was something much more amazing than iWatch. What was it? Well, it was a positive pregnancy test! Her husband will never forget about this birthday, will he? Just watch the video and see how happy this guy was!