Make Yourself A New T-shirt!


It is summer. And during the summer you can be much more daring and creative with your clothes than throughout the rest of the year. That however does not mean that you should throw all your clothes away and buy new ones, no! It is not definitely necessary. All you have to do is find some T-shirts that you find boring and do not plan on wearing anymore and tranform them into something new and fashionable! Just like these T-shirts were! Ain´t that great?

And it is so easy! All you need is scissors and creativity! And if you happen to have a white top you do not like anymore, you can create a beautiful criss-cross tank out of it! There are lots of options all you have to do is pick one!enhanced-27994-1434939826-1 enhanced-11867-1434934925-6 enhanced-31957-1434730459-15

Are You A Harry Potter Fan? Take This Test!


Everybody is Harry Potter´s fan? Ain´t that right? We have read the books for over million times, we have watched the movies even more times and we know everything about everything. At least that is what we think. But do we really know what it feels like getting into such situations as the characters had to deal with? Well, probably not. However, this “would you rather” test will teach you a lesson. Or if not, it will make you think. Think about the things you have never probably thought about. Like, what would I do if I was there? Was it not something you always wanted? To get a letter from Hogwarts? Well, we all did, so there is no shame! Enjoy the video! And good luck with the test.

30 Days Without Gluten


There are many types of diets. Some of them are effective, others not. But those of you whohave been on a diet at least once probably know that. And you also know that keeping a diet is quite hard. Especially from the beginning. And especially if you are the type of person who loves food. Any kind of it. Because when you are told that you cannot eat a certain food you usually start wanting it and missing it so badly that you often break the rules of the diet you are on.

And even though you may know that the particular food is not healthy and good for you and that it can be replaced, it is just hard. Just like for example not eating gluten for 30 days.

But, these people did it so, why don´t you just watch the video to see how they did.

When You Are Broke


Being broke sucks. You know that. But that is just a phase that most of us have to go through while chasing our dreams. Well, the best things do not come easy, you have to really try and work hard in order to gain respect and some skills which will make you a professional. However, if you are determined, your dream will eventually come true. And you will no longer be broke.

Meanwhile, while you are still in the process, you can just find a way to deal with it. Just like the guys in the video below. Somehow, they always manage to make it. Plus, they can find ways to make fun. So I guess that you should follow their example too.

Just watch the video it is hilarious!

The Best Video About The Summer And The Heat


Apparently, the whole world has the same problem. The heat. And everybody knows that it is the summer and during the summer the hot weather is normal. But this? This is beyond acceptable. It is terrible! Seriously, summer has never been this hot. At least as long as I remember. And from what I heard, it is the truth!

Everybody feels the same way about this heat. We hate it. And this girl expressed her hatred in the cutest way possible. Just watch it and I believe that you will relate to her opinions and ideas. Enjoy the video! And share!

When You Do Not Want To Have Kids


Babies. Once you come of certain age, you realize that you are surrounded by babies more and more. Your friends have them, your siblings have them, but you, don´t. And it is not that you are trying to have a baby or wanting to have a baby. It is simply because you do not want babies. You do not like them.

However, this is a very tough situation because you cannot simply tell that to your family. They would not understand, right? I mean, every woman wants kids, that is just how it is, right?

But the truth is that you are the only person who knows whether kids are really your thing or whether they are not. Usually, most of the women eventually end up wanting kids, but sometimes, it just does not happen. Just look at these pictures and you will understand. 11055551_1643652779187858_423367607_n 11241513_1414759308846154_1162568681_n 11378538_875346959203689_1886240614_n

Ice Cream Challenge You Have to See


Ben & Jerry´s ice cream has to be delicious! Otherwise this guy would not be able to eat 12 pints of it at once, right? Or perhaps he is just way too hungry. And loves ice cream. Anyway, just do not try this at home, eating that much ice cream is not really something everyone is used to.

However, Matt Stonie is a different kind of person. And believe me, I do not get how he does it. It is just insane!

But believe it or not, he has managed to eat 12 different ice creams in a little over 35 minutes. And that is quite a short amount of time, don´t you think? Well, just watch the video. Enjoy!

Things You Should Know About Having A Boy


So it is official, you are having a boy. Congratulations! Are you looking forward? I hope you are. Because having a boy is awesome! It is just as awesome as having a girl. However, it is different raising a boy. Just as it is different raising a girl. And to be honest, nothing is worse. It is just equally hard. But there are a few things that you should know about boys. So that you do not freak out then. You will simply know that what your son does is just normal. Even though it sometimes may not seem so.

Here are some things you should know.

1. Sometimes you will find a dinosaur in your bag. No reason.

2. Prepare that your son will be climbing up everything and jumping off of everything.

3. Fighting will be the signs of affection.

4. Your son will have the ability to get dirty in a minute.

5. You will find it hard to make your son wear anything.

Otherwise, you will be just fine. Do not worry!enhanced-1429-1437078960-1 enhanced-10868-1437071337-1 enhanced-7209-1437073145-1

Camping Products You Should Have


Camping is very popular especially among young people during the summer. It is a great thing to do when the weather is hot and there is nothing to do. And it is awesome! Because you can enjoy it both with family and friends. All you have to do is find the good people to go with and a good place to camp at. Preferably near the water.

Now, you probably know what you have to pack: lots of food and drinks! And a tent, of course! There is no need to say that. However, even if you are an experienced camper, there are a few things you might want to take with you for your next camping. Just like these! A solar-powered GPS, a tool kit that has everything you need, a headlamp or this awesome water bottle. So? What will you choose?

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To Get Or Not To Get Lip Injections?


Lip injections are very popular, don´t you think? Nearly every celebrity has them – apparently natural lips are not really it – unless you are Angelina Jolie. Which not everybody is. Well, we are not that lucky to have big and full lips and if we want the lipstick to look good on us, we have to do something about it. There are lots of products which are said to make your lips look bigger and there are also lots of tips and tricks that help make them look fuller.

But the most efficient step is deffinitely having lip injections. And these girls have decided to try it. So that you do not have to. And what were their opinions? Well, you have to watch the video to see it. It will help you decide, in case you are thinking about lip injections. Enjoy the video! And good luck to the brave ones who are having lip injections.