Veggie Burger Test


If you are all into burgers and you think that you have already tried all of the burgers that there are in the world, then you should probably give a chance to these asesome veggie burgers! Do not worry, we do not want you to become a vegan or something. We just want you to see that even a person who eats meat and thinks that they can always tell if there is meat in food or not, will get confused. Because these burgers are justso awesome, tasty and everything! And you will find it all out once you watch the video below! So what are you waiting for! Do it now, and then, let´s go for a burger! Veggi, of course.

Can Dairy-Free Ice Cream Taste Good?


Those who are lactose intolerant will definitely appreciate dair-free ice cream. Or those who are vegan, it does not matter. It is just that ice cream is something you have to eat during the summer, right? Can you imagine summer without ice cream? Probably not. And right now, you can enjoy your ice cream even if you could not before!

So in order to enjoy the best of the best, here is a special video for you! Dairy-free ice cream taste test. So that you find the one for you! So do not hesitate no more and watch the video now! Enjoy your dairy-free ice cream! We do hope that it is delicious!

Black People Asking Questions


It may seem that racism is really not our problem anymore, but the sad truth is, it still is. Racism is everywhere. And I know that when you do not feel racist, you probably do not realize it. Well, you can hardly notice, if you are not in constant contact with racism. However, majorities know. They realize it every day. And they do have some questions that need to be answered! And if you really want to know what the questions that black people have for white people are, then the best thing to do is to watch the video below! Additionally, you will learn some not-to-do things you probably did not know. So watch the video and think about it!

Who Says That Vegans Cannot Be Bodybuilders?


Well, they are wrong! I know, that when you hear the word vegan, you imagine a very skiny person who hardly has any muscles. However, it does not really have to be that way. Vegans are not only slim. In fact, there are many bodybuilders who are vegan and you would never guess that they are if you did not know it.

There are 14 of them in the video below! Both men and women. And they will make you believe that even vegans can have real muscles! In case you did not know it. So watch the video and think about it! It will blow your mind! Enjoy!

Snack Mixes You Are Going To Love!


Tired of eating the same snacks all the time? Do you want to find something new, something more creative that you could prepare on your own? Well, we have some awesome snacks that you can mix and take with you! You will definitely enjoy your snack like you never did before! So just keep on reading and prepare to taste the best of the best!

1. Dried cherries, figs and goji berries. All the energy you need!


2. Combine nuts, seeds, fruit, coconut and chocolate. Tropical and awesome!enhanced-1569-1439577227-2

3. Roasted chickpeas, chocolate chips, almonds and coconut. Once you try it, you will never want anything else!enhanced-11845-1439579467-8Enjoy your snack!

Let´s Make Having A Dog Easier!


Have you always dreamt of having a dog which will make you feel less lonely? Well, then why don´t you buy one? I know, taking care of dog is not easy and perhaps you think that you would not be able to do that, right? Do not worry, of course it is time consuming, but it does not mean that you cannot do something which will make owning a dog easier. Well, we have some hacks you might want to try.

If you feel that your darling gets easily bored, create a special ball with treats inside like this one! Or if you feel that your dog is eating too fast then put a ball into bowl with food! And use carabiner instead of making knots on leash. Good luck!

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Why Puberty Is The Worst



Puberty. The thing that every parent fears.The worst part of life. However, an inevitable part of everybody´s life because without puberty, we would not grow up! And that is probably worth it, or not?

But let´s talk about the puberty for a while and why it is the worst thing that happens to kids. Well, puberty is simply the time when you are no longer a child, yet you are not an adult. You are a teenager. And you think that you are adult because you almost look like one, but still, adults do not listen to you. Well, as if this was not bad enough, hormones start to do crazy things! And literally everything that you think about is the opposite sex! And there is no way you can stop that and all the awkward things that come along, can you? enhanced-10178-1439815376-2


Curvy Girls Dressing For Work


Curvy girls do not have it easy. Trust me, I know. I am one. And whenever I go shopping I have these weird feelings that I look too curvy in everything. So often I end up buying nothing. It is actually very good for my wallet, you know.

But the thing is that sometimes, we have to dress up. And we have to think carefully about what we wear. Especially when we want to look professional. And that is really not easy with big boobs and big butt. But you probably know what I mean. And if not, then you should watch the video below to see what a good job us, curvy girls, are doing when dressing up and shopping for clothes. Or do you disagree? Enjoy the video!

The Problems Of People Who Spend Too Much


The thing is, that some of us know how to save money. And it is not only those people who do not have that much money. Sometimes even people who do not really have much spend as if they were millionaires. The people who do not think about the future. Or do not care about the future. They simply want to buy everything they desire.

And they often end up shopping for things they never use. And they do not need. They never think about not buying something in order to save the money. They always think about thinks they can buy. And they shop often. When they feel sad, bored, etc. And that is just insane. Plus, these  people never understand problems of those who do not have money, or those who are saving. Well, that is just how they are. 10560991_1444108175863637_503732339_n 11326016_958676237524306_784754782_n 11372458_734384233354335_976035260_n

Dangerous Combination: Guys And Liquid Eyeliner


What happens when guys use eyeliner? Well, nothing good. But I bet that you can imagine that. Even girls have problems with applying eyeliner so, logically, when guys try this for the first time, it is not going to end up well. But it is definitely going to be funny, ain´t that right? Just try to make your friends do that! Preferably when they are drunk. It will be more fun, you know. And do not forget to shoot it! That would be hilarious!

However, if you do not really feel like making your own video then watch this one! It is hilarious! You do not see guys attempting to put makeup on their face everyday, do you? Enjoy!