Causes and Symptoms of Hormonal Imbalance in Men


Aging in men normally result in decline of growth hormone and testosterone. Studies have found that hormone production in men decreases by about 14 percent every ten years after a man reaches 20 years old. This may create a hormonal imbalance in men after some time. Some of the most common hormonal imbalances in men are; Adrenal fatigue; this is caused by elevated and prolonged stress levels. It in turn inhibits the adrenal gland from producing enough stress hormone cortisol. Andro-pause is also another common hormonal imbalance in men. It is referred to as the ‘male menopause’. It is brought about by lower testosterone production as the man is aging. Hypothyroidism is another common hormonal imbalance in men which happens when the thyroid gland is underactive therefore, not producing enough thyroid hormones. Hyperthyroidism is just the opposite of hypothyroidism and is as a result of overactive thyroid gland. It causes production of high thyroid hormones which increases metabolism in the body.


What are the symptoms?

Symptoms of hormonal imbalance in men may take a while to start showing. They are not as fast as that of women. Some of them include; low libido, erectile dysfunction, hair loss, fatigue, heart palpitations, muscle loss or weakness, increased body fat, lack of energy, constipation, depression and anxiety, and insomnia. If it is your case then you might contact the consultant.

Some causes of hormonal imbalance in men are; steroids, environmental pollution, diet, and aging. Abuse of steroids causes hormonal imbalance and high blood pressure. In the long run, it will cause kidney failure, liver issues, anger and reduction in testicles size. Environmental pollution releases toxins in the air which when inhaled or absorbed into the body can alter the secretion of hormones. Pollution as a result of petro-chemical activities is a good example. Diet plays a huge role in production of hormones in the body. A lot of food we eat these days contain synthetic estrogen one way or another. The only sure way to avoid it is by consuming organically grown foods.

When Couples Switch Phones


…It is a disaster! Seriously.

Trust is very, very, VERY important in a relationship. You should always trust your partner because if you do not, you cannot expect your partner to trust you. And therefore you should not stalk him or her, his (her) Facebook, e-mail or mobile phone. But let´s be honest, many people do that anyway, even though it has never really helped anybody.

So did these guys. They voluntarily swaped their phones and in front of the camera searched through the history of each other. And they learnt a couple of very interesting things about their partners. Some funny, some a little disturbing and some felt offended by not being sent every selfie their partner makes. Just watch the video and see for yourself.

Do You Like Submarines? You Have To Visit This Club!


Do you feel annoyed with the pubs you go to? They seem always the same, with unintresting interior design, all pretending to be super modern and super stylish, when in fact they all look the same and are very boring. And if anyone asks you to show them your favourite place or some new exciting place, you just have no idea where to take them?

Well, here is an idea of a very interesting pub you might want to visit (supposing you are a fan of submarines and do not suffer from claustrophobia). The interior is designed so precisely that it really makes you feel as if you were in a real submarine. If you ever decide to pay a visit to this pub, you will have to make a trip to Romania. Or if you ever are in Romania for any reason, maybe you could stop by for a drink or two :)

Industrial-steampunk-Submarine-themed-pub8__880 Industrial-steampunk-Submarine-themed-pub12__880 submarine-pub-steampunk-design-6th-sense-interiors submarine-pub-steampunk-design-6th-sense-interiors-3

Ikea´s Breakfast In Bed Café


Is it not awesome to wake up and be served coffee right in your bed? With some fancy breakfast, of course. If you have ever had breakfast in bed, you know what I mean. It is awesome not having to do anything, not having to leave the warm bed and simply have your breakfast.

The reality is however very different. And when you imagine all the things you have to do in order to prepare yourself breakfast. You are simply too tired to bother.

The good news is, I have a solution for you. A place where you can enjoy your well-deserved breakfast in bed. And it is in London. And it is no surprise that it is owned by Ikea.

The bad news is that this café is no longer open. It was just a temporary project but since there was a huge demand from customers, there is a chance that similar cafés will be open in different cities. Hm….sounds like an idea, doesn´t it?

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Horrible Clients


We all know some anoying people. Your family, your friends, your colleagues, your boss, but most importantly your clients. Especially when your are doing a kind of job that needs appreciation and your clients lack the ability to be at least satisfied with your work.

Such a profession is designer. When you are a designer and you work really hard on some project and your client that has absolutely on idea about the work you are doing is always complaining and planning some changes you just lose your nerves. You do not know whether you should be crying or laughing when something like that happens.

Well, laugh is definitely the better option because sometimes you just have to take it easy and realize that you are the professional and they simply have no idea about the thing. We have chosen the best (or worst) e-mails of annoying clients so that you could laugh some more. Enjoy :)annoying-client-emails-designers-joshua-johnson-creative-market-1 annoying-client-emails-designers-joshua-johnson-creative-market-11 annoying-client-emails-designers-joshua-johnson-creative-market-3 annoying-client-emails-designers-joshua-johnson-creative-market-9

Work Frustrations Turned Into Art


Workday in office can get quite frustrating. Although, many people think that there is no better job than office job. However, those who know would definitely disagree.

Just like this guy. He works in advertising and sometimes finds his day very frustrating. But he has his way of dealing with it. He turns the most stressful situations into art. And he does it right on his desk using miniature figures and his iPhone. Perhaps he has too much free time, wouldn´t you say?

IMG_1620__700 Work-Frustrations-Come-to-Life-Figuratively-Speaking.2__700 3-PermanentMarker__700

Native Remedies Focus Formula


A lot of people have often wondered what they can do to improve their concentration span. This is a problem that has doesn’t necessarily have to be associated just with those suffering from Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). It something that can occur in normal and healthy people as well. Native Remedies Focus Formula (over here) is an herbal solution to these kinds of problems. The formula itself is based on herbal remedies that are tailored to help with concentration span among other things as it will be discussed.


Natural components

Studies on Native remedies Focus Formula have shown that the herbal components contained in it help to improve blood circulation in the brain, promote energy levels, promote a calm mood and attitude; and reduce hyperactivity. The company has established itself and built a reputation as a worldwide supplier of nutritional and herbal supplements. Tests have been done on the formula and results show that there are no known side effects of using Native remedies Focus Formula. Ingredients used in the formula are; Maidenhair Tree also known as Ginkgo bilboa, German chamomile, Gotu cola, Skullcap, wild oats, Rooibos and Extract of Nettle.


One of the benefits of using Native remedies Focus Formula is that it improves general brain health, the nervous system, and the circulatory system. When the brain receives enough oxygen, functions are carried out much faster and efficiently. Focus Formula also improves attention and concentration, in both kids and adults and information processing in the brain. It increases the ability of the brain to retain memories. It also promotes calm attitudes and balanced moods.

Dosage involves a drop or drops, corresponding to the age year of the child, in half liter water or juice twice a day. Adults may take up to 20 drops of the same. Medical experts have however advised against usage of the formula during pregnancy or when lactating or breastfeeding just as a precautionary measure.

What Makes Halocigs Standout?


Halo cigs are one of the best e-cigarette brands around. They are of quality both in design and ingredients that make it up. They are made with ingredients that have been approved by the FDA and are of the food grade class.


The feeling of smoking e-cig

The components of halo cigs include; a magnet adaptor, cartridge, the atomizer, e-juice, smoke juice (the liquid) and a battery. The replaceable cartridge is also the mouthpiece of the e cigarette for the G6 halo cigs. Upon puffing into the cigarette, the battery generates the electricity supplied to the atomizer that contains the heating element. This causes the solution to be heated up. The liquid or solutions is then vaporized and the steam is produced during the exhale process giving the smoking sensation as though the user were smoking a conventional cigarette or a tobacco cigarette. Halo cigs allow the user to choose the level of nicotine they desire to inhale in vapors. Concentrations are available from 0 to 24-36 milligrams per milliliter and also in unique flavors which include; Tobacco, Menthol, and Gourmet flavors whose sub flavors reach a total of 25.

Solutions dispersed in propylene glycol gives the satisfaction of nicotine without smoke. The vapors produced by the halo cigs do not act as irritant to the people around you. This allows the users to smoke indoors. One thing that sets halo cigs aside from the others is the quality of products they provide and the ingredients put into a kit, evidently in their flexible batteries.


Benefit of halo cigs are that it provides a smooth transition for those who are trying to quit tobacco cigarettes or smoking altogether. This is made possible by the fact halo cigs allow users or smokers to regulate the amount of their nicotine intake gradually. They also allow the users to smoke, without affecting the people around them, in areas that would otherwise be considered non-smoking zones such as airports. This is because they do not produce any smoky smell, if anything the smell is pleasant.

Highly Rated Vaporizers in the Market


The market today is filled with a lot of different brands of vaporizers. Discussed below are some of the top rated vaporizers.

Deviance Ascent

crafty_1200pxThe Deviance Ascent is an excellent portable vaporizer. The Ascent is luxurious and is way classier than most vaporizers. It is available in wood grain, sleek black, and alligator textures. It has a sophisticated LED display, with great vaping power. The DaVinci can be used with dry herbs, oils, and blends. It’s like an all in one vape with a 2 year warranty. Some of its features are; Stealth Ascent Vaporizer, 110-240v Wall Charger, Glass Mouthpiece Stems, Carrying case of your choice, Glass Internal Stems, Glass Oil Jars, Carrying Satchel, and a 14mm or 18mm straight water tool adapter.

V2 Pro Series

509567514_640V2 Pro Series is one of the cheapest, yet high quality vaporizers currently. However, the car charger accessories, the loose leaf cartridge, and wall charger will cost you extra since the kit does not come with them. The kit contains; a Series 3 Vaporizer, a Liquid Cartridge and a USB Charger. The Arizer Solo is one of the top rated vaporizers and its kits features the following; 1 Arizer Solo Vaporizer, 1 Aromatherapy Sample, 2 Diffusing Tubes, 1 Battery Charger, 1 Potpourri Dish, and 1 Operating Manual.
Pax by Ploom is yet another one of the top rated vaporizers. It stands out by functionality and its minimal design. Certain unique features have been incorporated into the design. It includes shaking the unit to get the temperature. It does come with a warranty period of 10 years. This serves as a long-term investment. It is simple and light weight, and packs a powerful punch. The kit comes with; 1 Pax Unit, 1 Charger Dock Station, 1 Screen, a Mouthpiece, a Lid, 5 Pipe Cleaners, 5 Cleaning Wipes, 1 Mouthpiece Maintenance Kits, and 1 Operating Manual.

Magic Flight Launch

Magic Flight Launch is another unique type of vaporizer. It has all-natural and wooden exterior. It comes with a lot of digital features which include; a Magic-Flight Launch Box, a Cleaning Brush, a Carry Case, a “Draw Straw”, Batteries with Caps, 1 AA Battery Charger, an Operating Manual, and 1 Elastic Travel Band.

Post Workout Drinks for Fitness and Health


After a grueling workout session, you need to consume nutrients to help with muscle repair, increase the levels of testosterone, replenish the glycogen stores, improve growth hormones, reduce post workout soreness and reduce cortisol levels. A post workout drink will therefore perform all these functions as soon as it is taken. The effectiveness of the drink, however, will depend on the type and constituents of the drink.


There is a lot of information on the best post workout drink on the internet and magazines but it is important to note that a good post work out drink will give a person the necessary carbohydrates, proteins and fat (more about this topic can be found at The carbohydrates will replenish the glycogen stores, specifically the muscle glycogen, because the body will start to breakdown the muscle tissue if it is not provided with the carbs. Some of the best carbs that can do this are Dextrose which can be absorbed directly into the blood stream, raising insulin levels and Maltodextrin which is a complex carb absorbed directly through the gut. Consumption of protein with the carbs increases the rate of glycogen formation. Protein also repairs the torn muscle tissue and this is its primary function. The sooner it is absorbed into the body, the sooner the process begins, so whole food sources of protein may not be ideal in this situation. Whey and Casein are some of the best proteins for a good post workout drink. Fat on the other hand, specifically, saturated fatty acids and mono-saturated fatty acids, help the body produce testosterone and other hormones. A thorough workout session drains the levels of hormones in the body because of the rise of the level of cortisol.


Some of the best post workout drinks will therefore contain all these ingredients in one. Experts have recommended drinks like; chocolate milk or a few energy drinks with all these ingredients.